@OHnewsroom Reporter 1: What's up with this Pluto thing? Are we covering planets now? Reporter 2: We barely cover GEORGIA. * #producerproblems "Wait, I thought Fidel Castro died a really long time ago." -intern. * Man Reportedly Dances On Police Car To Summon Help In Vampire Battle. * Man streaks through Walmart, pours milk on himself. * #producerproblems It's that time of year! May sweeps! Be sure to remind viewers that it is hot outside and trapping loved ones in a hot car is a bad idea! * Florida deputy catches bull mounting cruiser * #tvnewser @producerprob Me: i'm running away to join the circus. ND: how is that different from local news? s


​Miami - Fort. Lau​derdale

The World of LOCAL NEWS is Crazy!

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The World of LOCAL NEWS is Crazy!

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Have you ever watched a local newscast and wondered what goes on behind those smiling faces? Well, that's where "Breaking News The Series" comes in.  
Our serialized novels will take the reader on a fun journey of mayhem and craziness and lowers the facade of what it takes to put on
a local news broadcast 365 days a year.
Hang on to your remotes, and stay tuned for "Breaking News."